12 Tricks to Create the Illusion of High Ceiling

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Here are 12 Tricks To Create an Illusion of High Ceiling. Raising roof costs you tons of money but creating an illusion cost you nothing. The expensive houses have normally higher roof height to enhance the room. You can simply do this by the following tricks and give your room a big and expensive look. You can cover the ceiling with these Ceiling treatment ideas.

1. Windows treatments:

Raise your window treatments. Raising your window treatment costs you less but plays a big role in creating the illusion of high ceilings. Simply drill the curtain rod near the ceiling or above the normal height. Check these other window treatments for your house.

2. Ceiling Paint:

Paint your ceiling a color lighter than the walls, preferably white. It will not create the illusion of a higher ceiling but also gives a comforting feel to the room. A dark-colored ceiling draws more attention towards itself than the lighter one. Do not miss these ceiling paint finishes ideas for your house.

3. Crown Moldings:

Add crown moldings at the top of the walls and paint them the same color as that of walls. This will divert attention away from the low ceiling height. It will create a feeling of continuity in the room. Plus the low-heightened ceiling will no longer look uncomfortable.

4. Art Piece Height:

Hang the art pieces slightly higher than you would normally do. You can hang small frames or art pieces above the windows and doors panels to create a high ceiling illusion. Doing this will divert the attention to the art pieces. So, the people will notice the low ceiling less.

5. Wall Height Division:

Divide the walls into two parts. Add decorative paneling or a different paint color at the chair rail height and paint the remaining upper walls and ceiling in the same color. To elaborate the chair rail height further, you can paint that area of the wall in a darker color.

6. Skip Ceiling Lights:

Do not hang the lights on the ceiling as these draw more attention towards the ceiling. If ceiling light is necessary, hang it slightly higher than the normal one. Try to use the chandeliers having a low drop.

7. Use Tall Urns:

You can arrange one or two tall urns filled with blossoming branches as such ornaments slow down the eye movement from floor to the ceiling and the ceiling does not feel low heightened.

8. Raise the Door Height:

Raise the door height all the way up to the ceiling or close to it. This is one of the most simple and effective tricks for creating a high ceiling illusion.

9. Prefer Vertical Strips:

Prefer vertical stripes and patterns in case of wallpapers and paints. You can also do this trick by the use of vertical furniture like a tall bookshelf or bed with high posts.

10. Curtains Close to Ceiling:

Hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. This may seem inappropriate in imagination but in reality this is the easiest trick.

11. Low Profile Furniture:

Use lower profile furniture. It will maximize the distance between the furniture and the ceiling and give an illusion of a high ceiling.

12. Simple Windows Coverings:

Keep windows covering simple. This will draw less attention to the ceiling.

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