15 Amazing Features of Industrial Style Housing

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Industrial style houses design is one of the most preferred design styles for the year 2020. This style is famous for its simplicity and attractiveness. The historic elements that were once used for commercial purposes are now being used for living. It basically represents the elements as they are. No extra decorative materials are applied to such elements.

We cannot define Industrial Style in one word. It not only gives a vintage feel to the house but also modern. It is a combination of two styles. If neutral tones and large steel windows give it a modern touch then at the same time the exposed beams and bare walls give it a vintage feel. Here is Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Design.

Prime Features of Industrial Style Houses:

The prime features of Industrial Style Residencies are;

1. Exposed Pipes:

The exposed pipes are actually considered to be the beauty of this architectural style. Instead of covering up the pipes they are enhanced and converted into a design feature.

2. Exposed Beams:

In traditional style residential architecture the main focus of the designer is to cover up the beam with other features. But this is not the case in Industrial Style Housing. In fact, the beams are exposed on purpose to complement the rest of the interior.

3. Bare Walls:

The bare walls act as the main focal point of the room in industrial style house interiors. The walls without any exterior finishes on them give a hint of vintage to the house. Thus this style never gets old.

4. Open-Concept Feel:

This feature of Industrial Style housing provides a feeling of openness and clarity. The interior and exterior of the house get well merged with each other. Thus giving a spacious feeling to the interiors.

5. Clean Lines:

Instead of merging many shapes together in the house exterior, the design is mostly in clean straight lines, following simplest geometric shapes. Such house forms never get old or out of architectural fashion.

6. Minimalism:

Instead of merging many shapes together in the house exterior, the design is mostly in clean straight lines, following simplest geometric shapes. Such house forms never get old or out of architectural fashion.

7. Wood Floors:

Another feature of industrial style housing is wooden flooring. It gives a unique appearance to the room interior as every wood has its own grain. These types of flooring are very durable. It may cost high in the beginning but think of it as an investment. Wooden floors add value to the house.

8. Rough Ceilings:

The ceilings are normally rough without any finishes. This gives a lived-in feel to the room.

9. Restored Furniture:

The use of restored furniture in the interior adds to the class of this architectural style. Restored furniture, when combined with the other elements of Industrial Style Housing, gives a vintage and luxurious feel. In addition, a person can save tons of money by restoring old furniture.

10. Use of Steel and Iron:

The steel and iron use is maximum in this style as it is inspired by old factories or industries. Ceiling high glass doors with metal frames are one of the prime features of Industrial Style Housing.

11. Simple Finishes:

Minimal detailing and simple finishes are the basic main features of this style.

12. Streamlined Decor:

Streamlined means simple and efficient. A well-organized interior with minimal and simple details is actually a streamlined decor.

13. Lived-in Feeling:

All the above elements of Industrial Style Housing gives a feel of the lived-in house. That is the basic feature of this style.

Lived in feel is the prime feature of Industrial Style Houses

14. Antique Light Fixtures:

Adding antique light fixtures in the interior also gives an Industrial style touch to the house.

15. Factory Style Cabinets:

As this style is inspired by factories and industries so designing factory-style cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms is also one of the major features.

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