Top 10 Easy Interior Paint Ideas

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Easy Interior Paint Ideas will help you to select the right paint color for the interior walls. In addition, this will also help you to gain basic knowledge about enhancing the space with walls paint colors.

1. Set the Mood of the Room:

First of all, it is very important to set the room mood keeping in mind the purpose of the room and the meaning of color you are planning to use. Each color creates a different impact on the room. Before choosing the color of the room, you should ask yourself three questions.

  1. What is the function of that room?

  2. What mood do you want to create in the room?

  3. Which color will help you best to create that mood in the room?

The colors represent different moods. For example,

Yellow Tones:

The color of happiness, clear thinking, enthusiasm, and activity. If a lighter tone of yellow is combined with the white tones it gives an inviting and warming effect. This color gives a cheerful impact. You can also replace yellow with light green or turquoise tones. Best suited for kids' rooms or activity rooms like a game room or gym, and study room.

Yellow Tone Paint Palette

Earth Tones, Neutral Tones, Simple Cool Colors:

These colors create a sense of calmness, spirituality, relaxation, and purity. These are inviting colors and are best suited for meditation rooms, prayer rooms, and bedrooms. You can add warm color to one of the walls to give a happy feel to the room. But do not overdo it.

Red and Orange Tones:

These colors give a feeling of power, strength, excitement, warmth, and fashion. These colors are used to create a focal point of the room. Such colors are best suited for kids' playrooms, activity rooms, etc.

Green Tones:

Such colors create a mood of freshness, coolness, calmness, clarity, and growth. These are best suited for bedrooms, reading rooms, etc.

Blue Tones:

This color creates a mood of calmness, freshness, and spirituality. These are best suited for bedrooms, meditation rooms, prayer rooms, reading rooms, study rooms, etc.

The calming blue color in the Bedroom

Indigo/Purple Tones:

This color creates a sense of creativeness, royalty, luxury, sensitivity, love, and mystery. This is best suited for living rooms, formal dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Warm Gray Tones:

Warm Gray tones create a sense of stability, maturity, and timelessness. This color can be used in any room and it can go with any accessories.

Black Tones:

This color creates a sense of power, mystery, sophistication, and formality. Such colors can be used in formal areas like drawing rooms, dining rooms, or up to some extent in some semi-formal areas like living rooms. This color is best suited for the rooms having a good source of light.

White Tones:

This color creates a sense of freshness, hope, goodness, light, simplicity, coolness, and cleanliness. This color can be used combined with some bright colors or in a well-lit room.

A gorgeous White Paint Interior

2. Go for Rich Colors:

To give your house a Richie rich look you should always go for rich colors like jewel tones or indigo shades. But use the shades wisely. Do not make the room look like a pastry. Use colors with class.

For, example you can either paint one wall of indigo shade and paint the rest of the room with brown or cream tones to create a calming and classic atmosphere. If you have chosen blush tones for the room then a rich color to enhance the room with these tones would be green. Check out these 12 best paint colors designers absolutely love. You can use rich colors to create a focal point in the room.

Chocolate brown color on the front wall making the wall a focal point

3. Bland Neutrals:

The bland neutrals are the ones having brown tones and warm gray tones. The bland neutrals are normally the safe play when choosing the color palette for the room. They will look okay with any accessories. But, if you wish to give your room a richer impression you should always add bold color.

The bland neutrals are actually timeless colors. You can paint your room in bland neutrals today and 10 years later it will still look good. It gives a clean and sophisticated look to your room.

If your room is painted in bland neutrals, paint one of the main walls (Bedside wall, media wall, window sidewall, etc) in a bold color. That will give an instant new look to your room.

4. Select a Room Color-Scheme:

It is very necessary to select the overall color scheme of the room. The easiest way to do that is to take help from the color wheel. The following are the few examples you can use to select the scheme of the room.

If you want to give a rich look to the interior use the shades sitting next to each other in the color wheel.

Classy Look-Colors next to each other

To give a harmonious look use the color tones with in the same color family.

Harmonious Look-Same Family Colors

To give a complementary look to the room use the colors that are right opposite to each other in the color wheel.

Complementary Look-Opposite Colors on the wheel

5. Cool or Warm Colors:

In order to choose the right color for the room, you should have knowledge about cool or warm colors.

Warm Colors:

These are also known as active colors. These include red, orange, and yellow tones of colors. Such colors give a stunning or dominating appearance to the room. These colors make a larger room feel brighter.

Cool Colors:

Cool colors are also known as passive colors. Such colors include blue, green, and purple tones of colors. These colors create a calming effect in the room. A smaller room seems bigger with such colors.

6. Color Pop-In:

Every room should have a color pop. In my opinion, every room should have a statement color that represents either the functionality of the room, nature of the room owner or anything else. Obviously you will paint your house interior. So why not do it with style and class.

The pop color should be chosen wisely. As it can either lift up the room appearance or make it look like trash at the same time. You should highlight one wall of the room with a bold color (pop color) and the rest of the walls paint should be merging with the bold one.

For smaller rooms, the best options of pop color can be, purple, gunmetal grey, navy blue, blue-green, coffee, peacock blue, muted green, etc. You can even do this hack in your existing room interior. See 20 Ways to Make a Neutral Space Pop With Color to choose the right pop color.

Purple color behind the bed headboard pop-ups the rest of the bedroom painted crisp white

7. Bounce-Off Color Addition:

In the formal areas like drawing rooms, dining rooms you can enhance the room appearance by adding a bounce-off color. Bounce-off color means a color with a hint of gloss or shine.

You can either paint a wall with a classy golden or silver color having a hint of shine. A hint of shine means semi-gloss type. But do not overdo the color by adding too much glitter or shine as one wants to increase the class of the room not decrease it.

Another way of adding a bounce-off color to the room is to decorate a piece of wall with leftover wallpapers. The leftover wallpapers will go to the trash anyway. So, why not use it in a creative way and enhance room aesthetics. Check out these craft projects that use leftover wallpapers in creative ways.

8. Lighting is the key:

Lighting is essential in order to truly understand the effects of colors. Our eyes see the colors which are bounced back by lighting. You can use warm, bright colors in the well-lit rooms (Natural light) and light cool colors in the dark rooms.

Cool Colors in a well-lit room

9. Test The Colors:

You should always test a swatch of the color on the wall of the room you plan to paint. You should always check at least two shades of swatches of the selected paint on the wall. This will help you to perceive the color appearance and its effect in the room.

10. Accessorize the Room:

In order to feel the space properly after the paint, you should accessorize the room with furniture, art pieces, and accessories. Because an empty painted room may give a different feel. But once properly accessorize the whole feel of the room changes completely.

11. Three-color Palette:

If you want to make your house look expensive, then one major thing to remember is to co-ordinate the finishes. If you match everything in the room from floor to ceiling, then it will make the look of the room a little cheap.

You should at least aim for three shades of color, dark or light for a room. These shades can be an exact match or a perfect contrast. For example, if you take the example of the bathrooms, the color of the faucet can be matching to the doorknob or exact opposite to each other, or the wardrobe can either be an exact match of the floor or totally in contrast to it.

The three-color palette rule is not for the wall finishes only but for the overall appearance of the room. For example, the following image shows a beautiful living space. In this space, all of the room features, wall finishes, furniture, floor treatment, are in harmony with each other. But the color palette is only limited to number three that is blue, green and grey.

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