Ideas to Match Area Rug on the Open Floor Plan

Coordinating an area rug on an open floor plan is challenging. But before adding area rugs first, visualize the room and divide it into different areas visually. This will help you to choose the rugs for different areas. Let me share a few ideas which can help you to choose the right area rug for your open floor plan.

1. The Harmony Strategy:

If you aim to create a harmonious feeling in your room you should choose multiple rugs of matching colors and patterns. The rugs can vary in size according to the area you want to distinguish but the color and pattern will remain the same.

Persian Rug of matching color and pattern in open floor plan

2. The Highlighting Strategy:

You can highlight certain areas of the space by using pattern-less solid rugs of complementary colors. For example, if you chose a neutral tone rug for one area you can choose a jewel tone rug for the other area.

Open floor areas highlighted with solid different colored rugs

3. The Mix Match Strategy:

Another option is that you can mix-match a solid rug with a patterned rug. This will give a more creative and classy look to your room. The solid rug color can be from one of the colors of the patterned rug. That way they will give a complementary look to the room.

Solid rug mix-matched with patterned one

4. The Dominating Strategy:

This is the boldest strategy and can bring a lot of class and luxury to the room if applied wisely. You can mix-match two patterned rugs. But the rugs should of the same type and same color palette. Prefer jewel tones for this strategy as it will give the room a more rich look.

Two patterned rugs mix-matched in open floor plan

5. The Pattern Play Strategy:

You can play a little more by using two different patterns to specify different areas. But the patterns should complement each other. For example, if you choose a denser pattern for one area then choose a less dense (a rather simple patterned) rug for the other area.

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