Kitchen Design-Tips to Choose Kitchen Profile

The kitchen is the most important part of any house. It is actually the heart of the house. Its design should be the most pleasing, comfortable to work, and appealing. Much attention is required for its design. A properly designed kitchen space is best for working and also adds a wow factor to your house.

Kitchen Design

What is Kitchen Profile:

First of all,  finalize your kitchen profile. The kitchen Profile actually includes everything that is going to be installed or added to the kitchen. It's just like a person's profile in which you add the name, email address, interests, qualities, and other details. Finalizing a Kitchen Profile will help you to choose the right type of appliances, countertops, sink, faucets, stove, hood, built-in cabinets, etc.

How to Choose Kitchen Profile:

Before making a detailed list of the kitchen needs you should set a profile for your kitchen regarding your family and kitchen usage in the future. There are four types of kitchen profiles that may help you choose the desired profile for your kitchen.

1. Occasional Chef:

This kitchen profile is best for bachelors and working couples. The people, who dine out frequently, enjoy sit down restaurants, like fast food, or prefer home deliveries. This is preferable for the people who like to cook sometimes like on holidays or on some occasions. What you need is;

  1. Stylish cabinetry-more for the show (Affordable)

  2. Stylish stainless steel appliances and French door fridge

  3. Well-designed lighting

  4. Basic sink and faucet

  5. Small island

  6. Affordable countertops and flooring

  7. A built-in cabinet for a coffee maker (Majorly for the show)

2. Home Artist:

This one is best suited for the people who love to have a lot of parties and gatherings at their house. Such people need a kitchen that provides space to cook for big crowds but also provides enough space for the people to sit and mingle around in the kitchen. Such a kitchen should also have a WOW Factor to impress the guests. What you need is;

  1. Premium Cabinetry

  2. High-Performance Stainless Steel Appliances

  3. Granite or Quartz Countertop

  4. Hardwood or Stone Flooring

  5. Expensive hood

  6. Eye-Catching Backsplash

  7. Large Island

  8. Open layout

  9. A Bar Area for Serving Drinks

  10. A Beverages Fridge

  11. Good lighting for work surfaces

  12. Expensive and High-Performance Dishwasher

3. Casual Chef:

This kitchen profile is the most used and common of all the four. It is best for the housewives or people who have other tasks lined up along-with the cooking. The people who generally cook the food from scratch but cook it in an amount so that it can be eaten two times at least. In our case, this kitchen profile suits the middle class and joint families the most. What you need is;

  1. Easy to Clean and Durable Cabinets

  2. Reliable Appliances (Affordable)

  3. Big Refrigerator

  4. Easy to reach the microwave

  5. A large amount of counter space

  6. Breakfast space (In some cases)

  7. Durable countertops (Easy to Clean)

  8. A sink mounted in such a way that it has garbage disposal (pullout trash or bin) underneath

  9. Dishwasher (optional)

  10. Durable and easy to clean flooring

4. Master Chef:

This one is best suited for the people who just love to cook. Such people like to experiment with the food, use fresh ingredients, and need multiple tools. What you need is;

  1. A Pro-Style Cook Top

  2. Double Convection Wall Oven

  3. Prep Sink

  4. Convenient Cook Ware Storage

  5. Premium Cabinet (High Functionality)

  6. Durable and Easy to Clean Counter Tops

  7. Separate Preparation and Cooking Area

  8. Very Comfortable Flooring

  9. A Big Pantry

  10. Appropriate Ventilation

  11. Proper Lighting of Work Surfaces

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