House Design Solutions For Social Distancing

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

House Design Solutions for Social Distancing is a tough job for any interior designer. As normally the main aim of the design is to promote socialization. But in certain cases, it becomes necessary to stay in your house. So, in such cases, it is the duty of the interior designer to in co-operating such features in the house that would make the stay less boring while maintaining a social distance from the outside world.

Any interior space directs human behavior. This is true for all the spaces like a house, an office, a restaurant, a mall, etc. A person's house is a space where one can live with all the freedom. No matter what you wear or what you do, you can be yourself at your house. In order to enjoy the freedom of the house fully the interior design of the house should be more private and exclusive.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to maintain the social distance especially from the outer world. So, in such cases, one is totally restricted in the house. After a while, it becomes very boring and frustrating to stay indoors. Some design features should be co-operated inside the houses that can help the users to maintain the social distance.

Here are some Interior Design Solutions for social distancing and for making your house more private.

1. Restricted Accessibility to Lawn:

The house front lawn if open should have restricted accessibility. Also, the back lawn should be restricted in a way that is not directly accessible from the car porch or side path. This can be achieved via different design features. Such features will make space much more relaxed and private while having a class. Because more privacy means more social distance from the outer world while you are at home. The landscape design in the front and back lawn can also be used as a hurdle to maintain privacy and social distance.

A few examples of design features that can convert the front and back lawns into more private areas of the house are;

  1. Grow Hedges (You can make the bottom of the hedge wider than the top-this will maintain your privacy and will not block the outer view entirely)

  2. Add berms in the landscape ( Berms are basically miniature hills in the landscape. They add height to plantings, which can be an effective way to create privacy. )

  3. Design with pergolas (This solution is more suitable for smaller spaces)

  4. Add lattice panels (You can grow a vine on them to maintain privacy)

  5. Make a screen with potted plants

  6. Make a bamboo wall

2. Reading Corner:

Most people like to read in their spare time. So, what can be more good and appealing for a reader than a quiet reading corner inside the house? Generally when things like social distancing happen all of the family members stay at home. This leads to so much noise and chaos that it becomes difficult to read in peace. There should be a properly designed reading corner inside the house.

To make the reading corner more appealing following interior design ideas can be used.

  1. Arrange comfortable chairs for reading

  2. The reading corner should be near the window so that you can also look outside.

  3. Arrange some fresh and soothing plantation near the window to create a calming atmosphere.

  4. For more comfort, arrange a footstool.

  5. Arrange an attractive lamp near your reading chair.

  6. Arrange some soothing music.

3. Lighten Up Your Bathroom:

Bathrooms are generally relaxing areas of the house. In case, you are stuck in the house to maintain social distance enjoy the simple pleasure of soaking in the bath.

To make your bath more enjoyable add a dimmer to the overhead light fixtures or add a lamp on a table. If you have enough space, you can also add a chandelier. The shimmer of small bulbs of the chandelier will create a special atmosphere.

You can also set the mood of the bath with candles or light music. Arrange thick hotel-sized towels to give a glamorous appeal to your bathroom. This is all about creating a special space that you enjoy the most.

4. Hobby Space In The House:

Create a hobby space inside the house. While a person is inside the house he or she has a spare time that they can invest in their hobbies. But a specially designed space for one's hobbies will add much more interest.

For example, if you like to write, then the writing space inside the house should be like heaven from outside distraction. If the room is share then there should be a nice dividing screen in between that separates the writing area from the rest of the room. Good lighting, a comfortable chair, a nice desk, and a good outside view are the key elements for creating a good writing space inside the house.

The same design features can be co-operated for other hobbies like painting, knitting, kitchen gardening, build model boats or planes, etc.

5. Treasure Space In House:

Create your own treasure space inside the house. For example, if you like to collect souvenirs on your travel do not put them away in the closet. In fact, you can use them to create a treasured space in the house. You can arrange them on the shelves of the living room. Such things will inspire you while you are at home and remind you of your trips. Then staying at home being at the social distance will not be a problem.

The same design idea can be applied to books or any other things which you like to consider to be a treasure.

6. Color Palette Selection:

Chose the color palette for the house very wisely. Because your private retreat is supposed to remove you from the frantic activities of your "other" life, choose colors for walls, furniture, or accessories that help to reinforce the fact that the area is for relaxing.

The color palette does not involve only wall colors but the overall color scheme of the room. You can include soothing colors like green, blue, and ivory.

A soothing color palette for the living room

7. Happy Place:

Turn your house into your happy place. Think of a space you love the most and try to include those elements in the house, then living indoors (in your house) will not seem so difficult.

For example, some people like a calm and peaceful atmosphere while the other like a vibrant and happening one. So, get your house interior designed the way you want your happy place to be.

8. Add Green:

Bring some outside, inside your house. In case of social distancing when you are stuck at home and you miss the plantation and freshness of parks and gardens. You can give a feel of freshness inside your house by adding some planters inside your house. For example, you can add tall towering plants inside because they are the most eye-catching. Or, you can add some majestic palms, when put in the right pot they add a huge glamour in the interior. Adding such details in the design will give your house interior a fresh and soothing look.

9. Meditation Room/Prayer Room:

Add a Meditation room/Prayer room in the house. A room with a soothing lighting and total silence will do the trick. If you do not have an entire room for the purpose, you can divide the room. Then arrange the room according to your comfort level. Some people might like a window room(Room filled with natural light) while the other might like no window room(Completely dark interior).

So, whenever you feel anxious about staying indoors, you can go to that room and meditate to calm down your nerves.

10. Privacy Furniture:

Sometimes even at home, you do not like to interact with anyone. So you can arrange some anti-social furniture or privacy furniture in the house to have some me-time inside the house.

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