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In order to start the interior design of space, it is important to define the interior design style. There is a long list of interior design styles that can be used individually and can be mix-matched according to one's choice. Commonly it becomes difficult for people to communicate with their designers about the type of interior design they want for their space. This article will help everyone to have a basic idea about different interior design styles and help them choose their interior design style.

Interior Design Styles:

  1. Mid-century modern

  2. Scandinavian

  3. Bohemian

  4. Coastal/Hamptons

  5. Modern Farmhouse

  6. Industrial

  7. Glam

  8. Rustic

  9. Minimalist

  10. Traditional/Classic

  11. Contemporary

  12. Transitional

  13. Eclectic

  14. French country

  15. Shabby chic

  16. Japandi

1. Mid-Century Modern:

This style started during the 1930s and is still very popular. If you like simple forms and high functionality mid-century style is your choice. It gives a timeless look to your interior space. The main features of this style are;

  • Simple forms

  • Clean lines

  • Geometric influence

  • Soft organic curves

  • High functionality

  • Minimum ornamentation

  • Open concept plans

  • Use of egg chair-main feature

  • Furniture design more practical then decoration

  • Use of bold fabric in furniture

  • Use of fewer patterns

  • Art pieces as the focus of the room

  • Elegant and high-quality accessories

  • Use of wood like timber & walnut and countertop finishes in marble

  • Pendant lights & small lamps usage

  • Controlled use of vintage furniture

Color Palette:

One can use a neutral tone palette or mix it with some other pop up colors like moss green, mustard yellow, tangerine orange, yellow, pink, etc. Check these Mid-century style ideas for bedrooms interior.

2. Scandinavian:

The Scandinavian style emerged in the 1930s in five major Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. When the modern interior style is mixed with more natural elements and a white color palette it leads to Scandinavian style interior design. If you like minimal aesthetics with a class then Scandinavian is your interior design style. The main features of this style are;

  • Simple lines

  • Clean

  • Sleek appearance

  • Use of natural elements like wood, natural light, etc.

  • The wood is used in floors, walls, wardrobes which go with light themes like ash, beech, and pine

  • Uniqueness with style

  • Focus on functionality with aesthetics

  • Plenty of plants in interior

  • Least ornamentation

  • More use of fur optics

  • Furniture pieces main focus is comfort

  • No wall to wall carpets (Only small rugs used)

  • Diamond chair, tulip chair, plastic chair by Charles Edmes are the signature mark of this style

  • Clutter-free spaces

  • Maximum in co-operation of natural light in the interiors

Color Palette:

Typically the white color is used in this style as it originated from the countries where there are winter and dark throughout the year. So in order to give the interior a brighter and open feel the white color is used. If any other color is to be used then muted tones of blue, and grey are used but the primary color is always white. Check these Scandinavian bedroom decorating ideas.

3. Bohemian:

The Bohemian style originated in Paris and France in the 19th Century. The designers wanted to challenge the conventional ways of designing an interior space. This style is like a free-spirit animal spreading colors, textures, and patterns in the most unique and unconventional way. It appeals to everyone who wants to give their houses a unique personal touch. This style does not follow hard and fast rules. The main features of this style are;

  • Carefree appearance

  • Colorful palette

  • Purposeful messy looks

  • Use of rich textures

  • Unconventional displays

  • Natural fibers used in fabrics like jute, linen, etc.

  • Cultural appearance

  • Lots of layers of patterns, sequences, rugs

  • Use of tussles in fabric

  • Insane amount of pillows thrown on sofas and chairs

  • Use of vintage pieces

Bohemian Style Features

Color Palette:

The color palette of this style is very rich. Lots of pop up bright colors, earthy warm colors are welcomed in this style. For walls, darker, deep hues offer an instant luxurious feel while more daring colors like a bright blue orange invite a bazaar-like look, especially when peppered with other rich colors and patterns. Jewel tones like amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green are also commonly used in Bohemian Style. These Bohemian style bedrooms will make you want to redecorate.

4. Coastal/Hamptons:

The people who like seaside elements and colors should definitely try this style in the interior. Soft tones, clean aesthetics, natural light, and a breezy feel like the beach is the signature of this style. The main features of this style are;

  • Simple and clean aesthetics

  • Maximum use of natural light

  • Maximum use of linen fabric

  • Woody textures

  • Natural, light, and airy appearance

  • Large windows

  • Accessories like seashells, jute rope, sailboats, and navigation maps

  • More like minimalism in sense of less is more

  • Casual, comfortable, and easy furniture

  • Rattan and Wicker's furniture most commonly used and slipcover furniture (In light cotton & linen) also used to break the monotony

  • Favors open floor plan

Color Palette:

The color palette varies from neutral to pop up colors like mixing sand with seafoam. Majorly sand colors, white is mixed with greens and blues to give a feel of the beech. Check these coastal living room design ideas.

5. Modern Farmhouse:

If you like a warm, and inviting interior with a personal touch and minimalism then you should go for a modern farmhouse design. Farmhouse architecture originated in Europe, more specifically, in Germany and Scandinavia. Traditionally, farmhouses were nothing more than homes built on farmlands to house the people who owned or worked the land. The term Farmhouse wasn't as much considered a style, but, rather, a setting for a way of life. From Europe, it made its way to the farmlands of the US in the 1700s and, as time progressed, the 1930s brought about a new era for the Farmhouse. The main features of this style are;

  • Practicality/Function first

  • Traditional and classic

  • Use of reclaimed wood

  • Antique accessories

  • Big and comfortable furniture

  • Mix and match the furniture

  • Wide plank floors

  • Pine furniture

  • Chippy and dull finishes

  • Monotone decor

  • Simple displays

  • Clean and crisp lines

  • Add a little industrial touch

  • Barn doors

  • Exposed wood beams

  • Butcher block counters in kitchens

  • Apron sinks

  • Slipcovers

  • Weathered finishes

Color Palette:

Initially, sage greens and buttermilk yellow were the most commonly used colors in this style. These days a neutral color palette is more popular that helps to keep the interior look clean, fresh, traditional, and modern. White is the most dominant shade used. Other than that earthy tones like grey, tan, and brown are also used.

6. Industrial:

The people who like raw and unfinished look for the interior should definitely go for industrial style. The industrial design stems from the 17th and 18th centuries when factories and warehouses were constructed. This aesthetic became popular in the late 2000s.

The main features of this style are;

  • Open concept plan

  • Warehouse look

  • Squared lines and blocky shapes

  • Bold statement

  • Exposed pipes and ducts

  • Juxtapositioning of rustic and contemporary, rough and cozy, sleek and modern with vintage and classy

  • A mix of old and new materials

  • Weathered wood and exposed bricks

  • Industrial lighting fixtures

  • Use of metal and concrete

  • Art-piece as the focus of the room

  • Elegant and high-quality accessories

  • Large factory windows

Color Palette:

A natural color palette is most commonly used. In addition, a mix of greys, neutrals, and rustic colors can be seen in spaces. The moody layers with hints of darker tones are very common in this style. Add pops of vivid color for a fresh look, or stick to rust, wood, or brick tones to keep the clean industrial aesthetic. These industrial style office design ideas will give you inspiration for the office design.

7. Glam:

Glam style steals a lot of elements from art deco, mid-century modern, traditional, transitional, and even industrial style. If you like your house to give a rich, glamorous look full of class then you should definitely go for this style. The style dates back to the 1930s which is also called the "Golden Age" of Hollywood. This style represents the elegant personality and class of the owner. The main features of this style are;

  • Use of lots of shapes

  • Elegant and shapely furniture

  • Bold prints

  • Timeless look

  • Dramatic lighting

  • Luxe and opulent fabrics

  • Mix and match

  • Button-tufting on furniture

  • Use of geometric patterns on the walls (diamond and chevron-most commonly used)

  • Sparkly, glitzy, and eye-catching accessories

  • Use of huge, shiny chandelier

  • Pendant lights and table lamps are also very common

This style is further divided into five sub-types on the basis of elements and color palettes.

  1. Hollywood Glam (Colors like cream, pink, green, blue, purple, and red with depth coming from sharp black detailing)

  2. Old World Glam (Colors like cream, ivory, tans paired with pastels and highlighted with gold-update the Old-World style with touches of the latest Pantone shades)

  3. Retro Glam (White walls and neutral floors, with bold colors, left only for furniture and accessories)

  4. Cutting Edge Glam (Neutral colors like white, chrome, gray, and black with bursts of colors coming from furniture and accessories)

  5. Modern Glam (uses more contemporary, modern, and transitional furniture pieces-more neutral palette)

Color Palette:

Glam color palettes are pretty neutral, with white, cream, grey, black, gold, and silver being your best bets for this style. However, this style is also all about making a statement. So, bold pop-up colors are also used with the subtly neutral ones. Hollywood glam furniture can add a glamorous touch to your space.

8. Rustic:

This style is a call back to those early days when civilization and nature were interdependent. Rustic style is a term for many design styles. The people who like to a close relation with natural & unrefined elements should go for this style. The main features of this style are;

  • Natural and rough

  • Re-purpose items

  • Aged and casual

  • Outdoor views are important

  • Emphasize the use of natural materials in raw form

  • Simple design

  • Close to nature

  • Lack of modern materials (Like metal, and plastic, etc)

  • Hand-made fabrics used

  • Leather furniture

  • Simple lines

  • Warm and inviting

  • Variety of shapes, textures, and colors

  • Old is better

  • Exposed wooden beams

Color Palette:

This style uses a neutral color palette with a mix of grey, brown, beige, tan, and black. Other colors used are rustic and bronze tones like brick, and rustic orange. Check these rustic style house interiors.

(To be continued)

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