Top 23 Residential Design Trends For 2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Change is unavoidable. Everything around us is going through a change continuously. The architectural trends are no different. As we are progressing towards the beginning of a new decade, there are certain things in architectural design that will change too. Following is a list of top 23 Residential Design Trends for 2020.

1. Industrial Style:

Industrial style design is one of the preferred design styles for the year 2020. This style is famous for its simplicity and attractiveness. The historic elements that were once used for commercial purposes are now being used for living. It basically represents the elements as they are. No extra decorative materials are applied to such elements. Here is Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Design. The prime features are;

  1. Exposed beams, pipes, and walls

  2. Open concept feel

  3. Clean lines with minimal details

  4. Wooden floors

  5. Rough Ceilings

  6. Restored furniture

  7. Use of steel and iron

  8. Lived in feel

2. Smart House:

A smart house is the one that uses internet services to control various features of the houses. Such houses are the big demand of today. As everyone is busy and life is going at a very high pace now. The coming decade will be a smart house decade. Following are the features of a smart house;

  1. Smart television

  2. Intelligent Lighting

  3. Smart lock system

  4. Security Cameras

  5. Thermostat control from cellphone

  6. Smart pet feeders

  7. Kitchen appliances

  8. Household system monitor

3. Multi-Purpose Outdoor Spaces:

Multi-purpose outdoor spaces are the need for future house design. Usually, a person gets a home designed and built once in his or her life. One spends the whole savings on a single house. So, the house should have flexibility for future demands. The multi-use outdoor spaces are key features of this approach. The outdoor space design is as important as the indoor one.

The outdoor space can be an extension of indoor space or some backyard that is designed for private use and is accessible from the bedroom only. For example, one can design the front lawn in such a way that it can get connected to the main entrance or drawing-room area when needed. So that when there is some big party the lawn can be used along with the drawing-room to cater to the guests. Check these 37 Backyard Ideas That'll Transform Your Space Into Paradise.

4. Large Windows:

The use of small sleek windows in getting old now. Large full wall windows are more in housing architecture now. Such windows enable good blending of the exterior and interior. These also enable the daylight to penetrate into the house. Do not miss these 10 reasons why bedrooms with large windows are awesome.

5. Minimal Interiors:

Minimal Interior is the new trend in the interior design of the houses. The classical details are no longer in architectural fashion now. The simple and clean house interior looks more modern and comfortable. Check out these 25 Examples Proving Less Really Is More.

Minimal Interior Details of Living room

6. Simple Walls and Floors:

The walls and floors finish for the new decade will be simpler than before. Wooden floors are now more than ever popular. Regarding the walls, bare or tiled ones are more famous now. Such finishes do not get old with time.

7. False Ceiling:

This part of the room cannot be ignored at any cost. Every year designer comes up with new design ideas of false ceiling. The upcoming decade will be revolutionary when it comes to false ceiling. Not only the materials will be different but also the design approach will change.

As before the main feature will not be the design of the ceiling but a lighting source. The lightning effects will elaborate on the features of the ceiling and make it more catchy. There are multiple options for it. Like enhancing a part of the ceiling with a single main light. Check out these 50 Latest False Ceiling Designs With Pictures – Trending In 2020.

Simple False Ceiling enhanced with lighting effect

For ceilings, a white canvas will be more in for the new decade. A nice white ceiling suspended into different levels, having a nice lighting effect will be the new ceiling trend for the year 2020.

White Ceiling with good lighting

8. Multi-Purpose Spaces:

Space effective techniques are the prime need of the future. The designers now opt to design spaces that are multi-functional. For example, a bedroom that can be used as an office or study room, a terrace that can be used as a dining space, a living room that can be used as a gathering space. Check these 15 brilliant ideas for creating multi-purpose rooms.

For creating multi-purpose spaces, one can use many techniques. For example,

  1. Partition walls

  2. Separating a big living room space into different areas with different paint colors so that when needed it can be used as one

  3. Optimizing the corners (Corner shelves, fold able floating desk)

  4. The bedroom can be used as an office or study room

  5. Balcony as a dining space

  6. Balcony as sitting space

  7. Gym on the balcony

  8. Landscape area or storage space under the stairs

9. Kitchens:

The kitchen is becoming a prime feature of the house when it comes to interior design. In the past, the kitchen design was not given that much importance. But now as we move towards a new decade, kitchens interiors are properly designed. The appliances placement is designed in the layout prior to installations and the theme of the kitchen is decided.

The recipe for a perfect kitchen is clean lines, open, functional, calming, and characteristic appearance. The kitchen is now becoming a spotlight of the house. Mono tones and warm colors are now more trendy in kitchen designs. Check out these inspiring kitchen design ideas.

10. Bathrooms:

The bathrooms are now considered to be relaxing spaces of the house. The bathroom interior is shifting towards a cleaner, simple, minimalist look feel.

A freestanding bathtub is becoming the style statement. Flat-panel cabinets with dark wood and white tiles are a perfect combination of a modern bathroom. Check out these bathroom designs for private luxury.

Modern bathroom design

11. Modular Houses:

Modular houses are the pre-fabricated houses that consist of repeated sections called modules. As today everything is required to be done quickly at a high pace. So modular houses are the solution for that and popular trend of 2020.

There are multiple advantages of modular houses like short construction time, strong structure, high quality, high speed of implementation, good acoustics, etc. The major advantage of a modular house is that it is far cheaper than the traditional house. One can mix match any module to get the desired house design. Here are a few more advantages of modular houses.

12. Natural Light:

The penetration of natural light will become the prime consideration of housing design in the year 2020. For that purpose skylights and full walls, windows are more in trend.

To enable the maximum natural light penetration into the house, one can paint the window shades white, use lighter color palettes for interiors, a larger number of windows, mirrors to reflect back the daylight, etc. Check out these ideas to make a dark room look bright.

13. Adaptable Housing:

The adaptable housing is the new trend of the year 2020. Now instead of demolishing or modifying the existing structures, the houses are designed in such a way that the spaces are used for multi-purpose at the same time.

A single space may be used for different functions at the same time. Especially in our country Pakistan, adaptable housing is most needed now. As many families live in the same house for years and day by day the need for space increases.

14. Tiled Facade:

Tiled facades are going to be more popular than ever this year. It not only enhances the aesthetically look of the house but gives designers more margin to design.

The house facade is a very important feature not only visually but also when it comes to the protection of the house. The facade tiles also increase the durability of the house. There is a huge range of tiles that can be used in facade finish like terracotta, stone, wood planks tiles, flagstone tiles, ceramic, etc. Check out these exterior tile options for houses.

15. Individuality and Uniqueness:

Individuality and uniqueness are another high demand feature when it comes to residential architecture. Everyone wants their house to be different from others. The designers and architects work hard to meet the client's unique demands every day. To achieve this different unconventional method are also used.

The unique look of the house can be achieved through multiple features, like paint, materials, design, finishes, etc. Check these 50 Make yourself home ideas that provide the house individuality.

16. Timeless Look:

Most of the people build their house once in a lifetime and normally spend all of their savings on the house. So people need a look at the house that will not get old. A timeless look of the house is the solution to that and the new trend in the year 2020.

A timeless look of the house can be achieved by designing clean crisp lines, classic style, giving functionality prime importance, using traditional colors. Check out these interior design ideas to make your room design look timeless.

17. Easy to Use Fixtures:

Easy to use fixtures are now in architectural fashion these days. Such fixtures make life easier and comfortable. These are easy to upgrade, replace, and renovate. Plus these give a modern touch to the house. Check these 16 DIY lighting fixtures ideas.

Easy to use pendant lighting for dining rooms

18. Shift Towards White and Neutral Tones:

White and natural tone palettes are now more in for the interior and exterior of the house facade. Such colors give a homey and comfortable feel to the house. Plus it also creates a timeless appearance of the house.

Neutral and white tone of the house facade

19. Layered Patterns In Interiors:

The use of patterns is the core of house interior design. Using layered patterns will be the new trend in the year 2020. Layering different patterns in the interior can enhance the overall look. The use of patterns set the tone of the space. Patterns varying in sizes, design, colors, and motifs can be combined to give an overall harmonious feeling.

This can be achieved by rugs, furniture, curtains, pillows, etc. The pattern can be layered on the basis of matching, contrasting, or complementing techniques. Check these Decorating Secrets: How to Layer Patterns Right.

20. More Natural Materials:

As the energy crisis is becoming very alarming the architectural residential trends are shifting more towards the usage of natural materials. The architects now opt for more Eco-friendly materials. For example, stone, marble, wood, granite, bamboo, can be used for the exterior of the house and for interior one can go for travertine tile, bamboo, leather, wood, sea-grass, etc.

The use of natural materials gives a soulful and calming appearance to the houses. Don't miss these 10 Natural Materials You Can Use for an Eco-Friendly Interior.

21. Rugs Usage:

The use of rugs in the house interior will be more common than ever in 2020. Rugs will become a focal point of the interior design.

One can define a space with the placement of the rug, for example, dining areas, main entrance hall, seating area, etc. A good rug placed well with the color palette of the room will give a harmonious feeling. The room looks fuller and stylish with rugs. You can even hang a rug on a wall to give a feel of the art piece. Here are some ideas on how to use rugs and their importance.

One rug layered with the other to create a room statement

22. Japanese Influence:

As the architecture is shifting more towards minimalism the Japanese influence would be at a peak in the coming decade. The use of natural materials, simple forms, and a feeling of purity are the main features of this style.

Shou Sugi Ban technique will be utilized more commonly in interior design. It is basically an ancient Japanese technique that was used to preserve the wood. The beauty of this technique is that it can be equally used in the exterior and interior. Check these 6 reasons why Shou Sugi Ban is the hottest trend in architecture.

Shou Sugi Ban technique in house interior

23. Geometric Patterns:

The clean-cut lines of geometry will also dominate the interior and exterior of houses in the year 2020. The house furniture will be modular and having crisp geometric lines. The Art Deco characteristics combined with modern lines will be more trendy in the upcoming decade.

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