Top 6 Design Ideas to make Open Terrace Private

Terrace defines a space that connects the interior with the exterior. It adds valuable usable space to your property. But sometimes maintaining privacy while using the terrace becomes difficult. The following ideas will help you to make your terrace space private and more personal.

1. Bamboo Screens:

Use a bamboo screen to cover your balcony. Your balcony will look extremely aesthetical and private at the same time. This will also help to block away harsh sun rays and it will not block the air crossing. Bamboo mats can also be arranged in the railing of the terrace to maintain privacy. Check these ideas of bamboo fencing.

Bamboo screens on terrace

2. Climbers and Vines:

Grow climbers and vines. It will give a wild and natural appearance to your terrace. These will not only help to maintain the privacy of your terrace but also adorn it. It will add a nice and pleasant shade to the overall house too. Check these climbing plants for your terrace.

Climber to maintain terrace privacy

3. Lattice like Frame:

Set up a lattice-like frame on your balcony. This will help to maintain privacy and experiment with different things. Like you can either add small planters to the frame and create a vertical garden or, you can grow a vine climbing up the frame. For a more energy-efficient frame, you can also adjust small solar panels in the frame in the direction of the sun and generate the energy for the terrace lights. These lattice wall design will help to give a nice makeover to your terrace.

Lattice like frame for terrace

4. High Volume Shrubs:

Shrubs of high volume and some tall plants can also be arranged to maintain privacy on the terrace. Plus such shrubs will also block away from the harsh sun rays in summers.

High volume shrubs on terrace

5. Synthetic Screens:

Synthetic screens are another way to make an open terrace look private. You can simply add such a screen on the railing of your terrace. It will cost you less, plus, these are very easy to clean. There are a variety of artificial greenery panels that can also serve the purpose.

Synthetic screen on terrace
Synthetic screen installation

6. Drapes:

Drapes can also be used to maintain the privacy of the terrace. The plus point is you can always tie up the curtains according to your needs. This will give a calm and relaxing impression on the terrace.

Drapes on terrace

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